Source: Angola Press
Gender-related issues in defending and protecting women's rights, equality, and gradual growth in participation in decision-making positions at all levels, were presented today at women from various social backgrounds.

The contents contained in programme of the MPLA Governance 2012/2017 period and its Election Manifesto were presented by the member of central committee of the ruling party, Diogenes de Oliveira, who also spoke of the targets set by international and regional commitments .

During the event held in the Belas Conference Centre, were discussed the policies of MPLA for the development of education and awareness campaigns dealing with issues relating to the promotion and advancement of the gender in Angola.

On the other hand, was also presented the policies to promote economic and financial autonomy of women by supporting entrepreneurship, associations, cooperatives and trade as well as the participation of those in decision-making bodies and associations in rural areas.

The event was attended by women from various walks of life, including the secretary general of the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA), Luzia Inglês Van-Dúnem "Inga", as well as members of national and provincial committee of that organization, women representatives from various churches and the diplomatic corps accredited in Angola.

It was also witnessed by the secretary general of MPLA, Julião Mateus Paulo "Dino Matrosse", members of the politburo and central committee of the party, traditional and ecclesiastical authorities, members of various professional associations.


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