Source: Tanzania Daily News
KILIMANJARO Women Information Exchange and Consultancy Organization (KWIECO) has received glowing tributes as it expands its free legal services.

Hai District Executive Director (DED), Mr Melkizedek noted that KWIECO office might help reduce court cases by a great margin and the public will get justice in time, as justice delayed is tantamount to justice denied.

He was speaking on the occasion of officiating a new office at Bomang'ombe in Hai District, whereby KWIECO will give its free legal services to the public, especially the marginalized in the community.

He said that the oppressive system in the society is the main reason for unreported gender violence incidents that need fast legal attention.

Hai District Social Development Officer, Ms Retina Mwasha showered praise on KWIECO, saying that such endeavour by KWIECO was something to cling to, as it will help resolve a lot of disputes in land, inheritance and marriages.

Ms Mwasha said that she expects KWIECO to team up with the gender desk at Bomang'ombe police station so as to get rid of an oppressive system that denies basic rights to members of the society.

KWIECO Information Officer, Ms Veronika Olomi said her organization has so far opened offices in three districts, namely Hai, Same and Siha, with the main objective being to give access to the public to services that they are in much need.

KWIECO operates as a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Moshi, serving the Kilimanjaro Region, rendering legal services to marginalized women, men and children.

Established in 1987, KWIECO aims to improve human rights and promote gender equality in the region in order to overcome discriminative beliefs and practices in the community. In another development, Mr Humbe called on NGOs to operate within the stipulated rules and laws of the land.

Mr Humbe advised NGOs to work towards helping society as it is the assurance they gave when they consented to their registration. He said it is not proper and the government will not tolerate organisations that are in pursuit of selfish interests.

The DED said many NGOs have been registered to help the society, but turn to other uncalled for businesses to cater for other interests.

He noted that NGOs are supposed to assist the government in its burden to serve citizens. "We have a lot of registered NGOs here in the district but do not operate as required, they seek their selfish interests, this is a wakeup call for them to do what is required of them by the law," warned the DED.

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