Source: The Arabic Network for Human Right Information
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) today denounced the closure of Salema Center for Women's Research and Studies, by Sudanese authorities in Khartoum, along with its evacuation without giving any grounds.

Sudanese authorities today sent a letter to the center informing it with its closure with cancellation of its registration. The letter also reported the immediate evacuation of the center. Such a matter was met with rejection by the center's employees for its illegality. On their part, the Sudanese authorities addressed their rejection with besieging the center.

Salema Center for Women's Research and Studies is one of the most prominent human rights organizations that is concerned with the women's social and political aspects in Sudanese society. It is under the management of Fahima Hashem, one of the most prominent figures in feminist field in Sudan. The center has participated in many important events concerning the political and social affairs in Sudan. For example, it took part in preparing a memorandum to amend the Child Law in Sudan and submitting a draft for an alternative law on 25 February 2009. In addition, there were ongoing campaigns to eradicate the phenomenon of circumcision and raising awareness about its harm, political awareness campaigns for Sudanese women and how to vote in the elections besides the political rights. Moreover, it along with SuWEP, Sudanese Women Empowerment for Peace Movement, which emanated from Salema Center, participated in many human rights events.

One of the salient stance on the political level is its criticism for the US Carter Center during observing the Sudanese elections in 2010, when the latter described the elections process as fair and transparent. The center also slammed the political climate during which the elections carried out, monitoring multiple flagrant trespasses transpired during the Sudanese elections in 2010.

Through its action, Salema Center seeks to eradicate violence against women in Sudan.

"Since a period that is not short, civil society organizations and human rights entities have been undergoing oppression, sever intransigence, by the Sudanese authorities, together with continual harassments with the aim of hindering the human rights role that these organizations and centers play in order to confront and monitor the authorities' trespasses and violations," ANHRI says.

ANHRI calls on Sudanese authorities to reverse its decision of shutting Salema Center for Women's Research and Studies and to abide by the law that doesn't allow the authorities to close the civil society organizations without a reasoned judicial decision.

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