Source: Shabait
President Isaias Afwerki today met with delegates of representatives of African women's associations to the 7th Congress of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW).

In the meeting at Asmara Palace Hotel, the President pointed out that there exist no difference of rights between Eritrean male and female citizens thanks to the struggle both men and women waged in the armed struggle for independence and the common sacrifices they endured thereof.

The President underlined that the existing cooperation between women's associations in the continent need to be further strengthened.

Lauding Eritrea's policy of respecting equitable rights of both male and female citizens, the representatives of African women's associations at the 7th NUEW Congress expressed satisfaction with the opportunity afforded them to share the experience of the National Union of Eritrean Women.

During the meeting of delegates of African women's associations with President Isaias, Ms. Leul Gebreab, Chairperson of the NUEW, Ms. Fawzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, and Health Minister Amina Nur-Husein, as well as other NUEW heads were present.

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