Source: All Africa
The number of female enrolment in schools has registered commendable growth in Northern Red Sea region over the past 20 years since independence as a result of the concerted effort of teachers, parents and administrators, stated Mr. Samuel Asgedom, supervisor of junior schools and coordinator of the national school leaving examination in the branch office of Ministry of Education in the region.

He said that a number of schools ranging from elementary to secondary level have been constructed in various villages of the region through substantial government expenditure.

Moreover, Mr. Samuel said that the participation of students in the Grade 8 national examination has increased by over 90%, and that of female students by 78%. He further explained that though the nomadic pattern of lifestyle, geographic location and climatic conditions are the main cause for the delay of the academic year, teachers devote their spare time to giving tutorial classes. Mr. Samuel also commended parents for their support to the task of improving the living standard of teachers. 

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