Source: Algeria Press Service
ALGIERS- The five-year action plan for the protection of old women 2016-2020, presented Thursday at the Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Affairs in Algiers, aims at providing better social assistance to old women in family circles and hosting centres.

Elaborated by the sectoral national committee of protection of elderly and the United Nations Population Fund, this plan allows “a better social assistance to old people notably women by providing them social, health and psychological protection, and by preserving their dignity in hosting centres and family circles.”

According to the organizers of a seminar on the elderly, organized on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, observed on October 1st each year, a rich programme, focusing on information activities and the raising of awareness, was elaborated.

The programme, marked by the contribution of different associations and directorates of social action and solidarity throughout all the country’s provinces, aims “at promoting training and strengthening the capacities of stakeholders in providing assistance to old women.”

The action plan focuses on raising awareness on violence and abuses against old people, promoting the values of respect towards this category, improving hosting in specialized centres as well as promoting domestic support.

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