Source: The Ethiopian Herald 
In conjunction with the ongoing Fifth General Election, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Women League based in Addis held at the Addis Ababa Stadium yesterday a rally in support of the advancements made by women in the social, political and economic spheres. 

Good Governance Cluster Coordinator with a Rank of Deputy Prime Minister and Civil Service Minister Aster Mamo said that in the previous governments, women rights were violated in social, political and psychological forms and discriminated from taking part in any of the nation's affairs. "Thanks to the fighters of EPRDF, women have now become beneficiaries of development and democracy and are active participants in all national affairs even at the family level in the rural as well as the urban areas," Aster added.


Beside the achievements in various areas, she said that a lot still remains to be done. Aster called up on the support of EPRDF's women to try their level best to have free, fair, peaceful and credible election and make EPRDF victorious.

EPRDF Women League Chairperson Wubit Taye on her part said that there are various achievements made by her party to make women active participants in the overall development activities in the rural and urban areas.

Women have also taken part in development ventures becoming also beneficiaries from the fruits which include the major focus for women in the housing projects consisting of condos where they are to be given priority, she added. The number of beneficiaries from the overall beneficiaries of the entire housing development scheme, 56 per cent went to women. Hence to support such trend the only chance for women is to continue voting for EPRDF, Wubit added. Elsa Assefa, Woreda 9 Women League Chairperson in Arada Sub City, said that Addis Women have been playing a big role in having successful election in the country. She said that to sustain the benefits and participation of women, it is better to vote for EPRDF as it has resilient policy for women.

The event was attended by thousands of women drawn from different parts of Addis, senior EPRDF officials and candidates.

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