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Traditionally many Ethiopians abhor abuse or harassment. This is believed to have secured dignity for the people of the country over the years. Someone who denounces harassment tends to respect the rights of others.

But this tendency fails to apply on the issue of respect for women. Men are observed abusing women while other women keep silent in the face of such abuse and the community gives attention to the issue only during periodic commemoration of such events.

The 16 days of anti-gender-based violence campaign is currently underway in our country for the 12th time and 26th time globally. The campaign aims to raise the partnership of men in the fight against gender based violence against women.

"Women do not inhabit a world without men. Fighting gender based violence against women can succeed with the collaboration of men. This doesn't mean only men commit GBV."

Seble says Ethiopia and Africa are not free from the problem. Women who suffered the harassment for years cannot bring about change alone"

 Our culture of cooperation should also apply in this issue too, she added. A lot should be done on attitudinal change to enhance the partnership of men to ensure gender equality.

Changing negative attitude with positive one should come first" says Youth Kibrom Melkamu who presides over the Addis Ababa University's Men Partnership Club. His club focuses on changing the negative attitude surrounding gender ... .

Special needs support senior expert with the university Mekonnen Manaye also reiterates that partnership is mandatory.

He says men have responsibility to up root impediments to women's success. These men have vowed to refrain from abuse, stand by the side of women when they face abuse and fight abuse along with women. They have also expressed partnership with fellows who prevent abuse.

"Men need to recognize love of women who risk their lives giving birth to children who would later be named by the name of the father", Mekonnen says.

Partnership of men would succeed when women the victims shout. They also need to cherish the attitude "we can"

Women also should support the partnership of men, Kibrom says. "Some of them hide information when we seek their support as partners. They feel afraid and keep silent. They have to join us and actively involve and express their will."

In addition to what men say women themselves need to be strong. "A woman needs to be confident and break out of the chain of inferiority. She has t learn and apply her rights and protect herself from risks of abuse." Seble said.

People should not under estimate violence against women and refuse to shoulder the problem" says Alemtsehay. She further insists that they should fight violence despite the negligence of some justice authorities and the community needs to carry out the task of prevention.

Original story from Amharic Daily Addis Zemen


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