Source: allAfrica

A DAR ES SALAAM based non-governmental organisation, Equality for Growth (EfG), has called on increased efforts to contain Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women so that they can greatly contribute to national economy.

The EfG Executive Director, Ms Jane Magigita, speaking to the 'Daily News' recently, said GBV was a threat towards women's contribution to the economy. She called for joint efforts to control the vice.

Asked on how far the NGO has gone in the BGV fight, Ms Magigita responded that over the past three years, the EfG has been sponsoring and supervising formation of legal desks and trainings for Community Legal Officers (CLO) in Dar es Salaam market places.

In collaboration with markets' authorities, there is also introduction of bylaws to punish GBV perpetrators. "We appreciate the government's support in this war as it opened the door of gender desks formation in police stations country-wide.

The desks are a real weapon," she said, adding that: Again, EfG runs what is called 'Mpe Riziki si Matusi' campaign, since 2015, to campaign against abusive language in the marketplaces. Ms Magigita confirmed that there was a decrease in GBV on women in Ilala and Temeke district markets; insisting on endless awareness campaigns given that the places are visited by new traders almost daily, with different backgrounds.

Mchikichini market is among the campaign beneficiaries. One of female traders, Ms Betty Mtewele, commented that fighting GBV activated women.

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