Source: Women's Voice Zimbabwe
My name is Emmanuel Sam Mhanana, the Moyomusande guild first committee member in Roman Catholic Church. Men quote the bible in a wrong way.

The church has a responsibility to speak out against all forms of Gender-Based Violence that affects women in society. The church should speak up to challenge social norms, stereotypes, and attitudes that undermine the dignity of women and give undue power to men.

That is to ensure men get away with the stereotypes that only wives should submit to their husband, they should also know that the same scripture goes on to say husbands should as well live with their wives in an understanding way and love them. Showing honour to the women as weaker vessels thus they should stop hurting the weaker vessels through gender-based violence.

As Roman Catholic Church, we open up spaces for victims of gender-based violence to come forward talk about their pain and find healing. We do this through a ministry of victims called C.C.G.P that helps victims to become survivors through spiritual counseling.

Due to the development of this ministry, we have managed to come up with a number of reasons why gender-based violence is prevailing in our societies and managed to come up with solutions.

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