Source: Tunis Afrique Presse 

Tunis/Tunisia — Women accounted for 30% of overall number of victims of violence last May, reads the annual report of the Social Observatory under the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES).

It emerged from this report, which was presented through the Zoom app Tuesday, that 67% of the total number of perpetrators of acts of violence are men.

Individual violence represents 55.7% of the total acts of violence committed last May against 44.3% of collective violence, the same source says.

Shedding light on the various forms of violence, the report noted that 72% of violence is criminal, followed by institutional violence (9.84%) and in the public space, particularly on Facebook (6.5% ).

According to the report, streets represent the major place of violence with 52% followed by domestic violence (16%), institutions of economic production (14,7%), government spaces (8.2%) and health facilities (3.28%)

35 % of acts of violence were committed in Greater Tunis, 16.8% in the coastal areas, 11.4% in Kairouan and 9.2% in Kef.


Find the full FTDES report here. 

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