The First Lady of the Republic, Ana Dias Lourenço, shared over the weekend in Freetown, capital city of Sierra Leone, the prevention policies and measures developed and adopted by the Angolan Government to prevent and combat sexual violence against children.

In her speech at the commemorative days of the 1st anniversary of the United Nations World Day for the Prevention and Cure of Victims of Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Violence, Ana Dias Lourenço highlighted, in particular, the downward trend in reported cases of sexual abuse and rape in Angola since 2021, with the entry into operation of the SOS-Criança service, which is anonymous, free of charge and confidential.

Ana Dias Lourenço also mentioned the results obtained with the National Campaign to Prevent and Combat Sexual Violence against Children, launched in March 2021, in addition to other policy measures of the Angolan Executive.

According to Ana Dias Lourenço, through this campaign, children and families receive information about the existing mechanisms for their protection.

She took advantage of the podium to launch an appeal for everyone's efforts to reduce and eliminate the phenomenon of sexual violence against children so that African children have a bright future.

Ana Dias Lourenço highlighted the importance in the context of prevention and cure of child victims of sexual abuse and violence.

During her presence, Ana Dias Lourenço visited a hospital under construction, with a capacity for 600 beds, for treatment and support for victims of sexual abuse and violence.

The hospital infrastructure is being built with the support of the Maada & Fatima Bio Foundation, belonging to the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

He also participated in an ecumenical service dedicated to the event, during which those present prayed in favor of children victims of abuse and sexual violence, in addition to presenting testimonies of some victims.

The United Nations World Day for the Prevention and Cure of Victims of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Violence, approved by the United Nations General Assembly on November 7, 2022, is the result of a proposal by the First Lady of Sierra Leone, endorsed by African counterparts, to raise awareness of the high number of violations of children's rights, in particular sexual exploitation, abuse and violence. 

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