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Recently, an NGO - Kivulini – that fights against women’s discrimination and gender violence released the findings of a study which show that more than 48 per cent of women in Tanzania are subjected to various forms of discrimination and violence.


Indeed, these findings paint a grim, very bleak picture of our society.

Perhaps we should state in unequivocal terms that women are an important part of our society. They are actually a vital cog in the wheel of the community.

It is important to note that women bear the weighty responsibility of being mothers.

This is no trivial role as it entails so many other duties. Women are nurturers, care-givers, child-rearers and let us not forget that they are arguably the epitome of compassion.

Indeed, it is difficult to state everything that women do as the list goes on and on.

I dare say that it is hard to come across a man or woman who would claim to have reached where they are without the help of their mother.

In light of this, it is totally incomprehensible how mothers can be abused in a place that is supposed to be their sanctuary: home.

It is sad then that there are so many cases of violence against women, which one hears of that are completely shocking.

Take the example of a woman who returns home after a grueling day at work and then ensures that the children are okay and that the domestic chores have been done.

Now then, her husband arrives home late and drunk and for no justifiable reason (as if there ever is one) or on the slightest of excuses, begins to use her as a punching bag at will, stripping her of her inalienable rights and basic human dignity.

At this juncture, I feel compelled to tell you my friend’s bitter and painful ordeal.

This friend and I finished university on the same day. But then, six months later she got married to a man who had been professing his undying love for her throughout the years we were at the university.

Unfortunately, just one short year later, the man started to reveal his true colours, and behaving in a beastly manner by slapping and even punching her whenever the mood took him.

Mind you, by this time the couple already had a baby boy. Therefore, the girl really had her work cut out to take care of the baby amidst all the negative stuff going on in her life at the time.

Surely, you will agree with me that this must have been heartrending for the poor girl.

Can you even begin to understand how one can deal with slaps, punches, taking care of baby and going to work as well?

Yet this is the same harsh reality that confronts many women in our country.

It follows then that urgent measures need to be taken by the authorities to stamp out this terrible vice in our society.

We therefore laud the highly meaningful work being carried out by NGOs such as Kivulini to highlight the plight of women suffering from discrimination and gender violence.

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