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Gender and Development Minister, Varbah Gayflor, has asserted that despite efforts to fight against Gender Based violence (GBV) in the country, women are still being abused in so many ways.

Addressing a press conference at the Gender and Development Ministry in Monrovia Thursday, the Liberian Gender Minister stressed that "even though women's issue have been given greater visibility, women are still abused in many ways."

She noted that in spite of the fight by other women doing everything within their power to ensure that other women in the country are protected, "they are still being abused."
She lamented that the situation of continued abuse against women in the country was "very, very sad."
Hear the Gender and Development Minister: "This is a time for us to ponder and see what we can really do as a country and as a community to protect our women folks, especially our girls who have the future to look up to."
She assured women who are still suffering from various forms of abuse in the country that her ministry was working on more ways to bring relief to the affected women through advocacy for their rights.
She further assured Gender Based Violence victims in the country of the Gender and Development Ministry's "full participation in all of the processes regarding their lives."
She used the occasion to cautioned Liberians and others residing in the country to participate in the fight to discourage the practice of Gender Based violence, stressing that "it is important to let you know that, while we fight at the top, it is appropriate for you all to participate from all levels."
Meanwhile, a report released by the Gender and Development Ministry covering the period January to October 2011, puts the number of Gender Based Violence cases occurring in the country at 2,043.
According to the report, there were 376 cases of domestic violence, 82 gang rape cases, 1,167 cases of statutory rape, 119 cases of sexual assault, and 5 sexual abuse cases among others reported during the period.

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