Source: AngolaPress
The approval of the Law on Domestic Violence is considered as undeniable milestone of the functioning of the National Assembly during 2011, due to its importance of combating this evil in the society.

Submitted in December 2010 to the National Assembly, it was needed sixth months for public consultation clarify some debilities detected during the discussions in speciality commission of the parliament.

The MPs, Ministry of family and Women Promotion and society worked hard in order to produce the law on domestic violence, and thus reduce casees of this eveil.

In 2011, the MPs also approved Laws on Alteration to Legal Regime of Notary services, Civil Code, General Regime of Rates, Simplified Regime of Fiscal Executions, Electronic Communications and Services of Information Society and Administrative Infringement.

The parliament also the laws on Public and Private Partership, National Statistics System, National Mournings and Public Holidays, Places and Days of National Celebration and the creation of Belas district in Luanda, among others.

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