Source: Sudan Vision
Deputy of General Director of Police Force General Adil al A'ajib stated that rate of crime in Sudan has fallen down drastically especially in terms of crimes related to violence against women.

He unveiled that criminal report for 2010 affirms distraction of crime's rate in Sudan. Addressing workshop of training women-officers responsible for inspecting crimes committed against women, he affirmed importance of existence of women-officers for the purpose of carrying inspection upon crimes against women. He pointed out the Ministry of Interior is witnessing tangible turnout in terms of appointing women in different departments of police force. He called n the directorate of human rights in both UNAMIS and UNAMID for to spend more money in rehabilitating infrastructure of institutions working in eradicating crimes against women. Meanwhile, state Minister of Justice Paul Lol Wang affirmed his ministry support to women's inspection training, lauding UNAMID and UNAMIS for their tangible role in this respect. He stresses importance of trailing all those who are involved in crimes in Darfur, adding that Minister of Justice Bushara Doussa pointed out that law doesn't exempt anybody. He pointed out that majority of current inspections are concerned with criminals hindering movement of commercial caravans in Darfur in addition to police force and UNAMID workers in South Darfur. He confirmed that attorneys will soon transfer the criminals to courts.

On the other hand, Official in Charge of Crimes against women and children Dr. Atyat Mustafa affirmed that current workshop focuses on training women for carrying out inspections on crimes against women in cooperation with Swiss government. She revealed that nine units for eradicating violence against women and children are to be inaugurated in nine northern states including Khartoum, Jazeera, Gedarif, Blue Nile, White Nile in addition to the three states of Darfur. Deputy of the chairperson of the unit of eradicating violence against women in the ministry of justice, Dr. Ayisha Abdul Majeed said that the workshop is studying the guide prepared by Ministry of Interior and the UNAMID for the purpose of reaching for concert vision on training women for criminal inspection. She affirmed improvement of women's situations in Darfur compared with the situation during the beginning of the crisis in Darfur.


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