Source: Angola Press
Angola's minister of Justice, Guilhermina Prata, said Wednesday in Luanda that the adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence in Angola results from the commitment shown by political power to tackle the social issues, especially involving women and children.

The Justice minister was addressing the roundtable on "the importance of coordinating efforts to combat domestic violence," an organization of Forum of Women Journalists for Gender Equality.

According to Guilhermina Prata, the State's concern in relation to domestic violence took the Political Power to pledge commitment to progressive creation of objective conditions, study the phenomenon and measures that contribute to the eradication of this evil.

"The issue related to violence against women, children and even elderly has been hotly debated over the last years", the minister insisted.

Guilhermina Prata added that this phenomenon contradicts the basic principles of Law-abiding State that Angola intends to build, especially the principle of respect for human rights, dignity and equality among people.


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