Source: Aswat Masriya
Potential presidential candidate Mohamed Selim Al-Awa said that the case of Tahrir girl who was beaten and stripped off should be investigated and all those responsible for it will be prosecuted even it is Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi himself.

"I will refer them to prosecution and investigation to try those responsible even if it's Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi himself," Al-Awa said in answer to a question about what he will do regarding the Tahrir girl incident if he becomes president.

Al-Awa said that he was against a safe exit for the military council yet he supports a legal one. He stated that anyone who committed crimes will be tried with the regular law not the military one.

In an interview with Aswat Masriya and Reuters, Al-Awa denied being the army's candidate for presidency stressing that he never discussed his nomination with any member of the army and that the army has no candidate. He also said that the only way to overthrow the rule of the military is through parliamentary and presidential elections.

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