Source: Tanzania Daily News
Premarital counselling is important to minimize domestic violence and divorce cases in Zanzibar.

This was said by Ms Rahma Ali Khamis, Director- Department of Women Affairs in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Youths, Children and Women, while speaking with the 'Daily News' recently.

"Many couples marry before they are ready. Such marriages easily break because they lack the necessary knowledge and preparedness," said Rahma. She blames parents and religious leaders for not taking initiatives to make sure couples know their responsibilities including how to resolve disputes before marriage.

"It is unfortunate that where premarital education is offered, religious leaders and parents only target brides. They pay little attention to men, yet, they lead when it comes to divorce, abandoning families and violence," she said.

According to statistics from Kadhis' courts in Zanzibar, there is a minimum of two cases, on domestic disputes and divorce, every day in the isles. Kadhis' courts are a court system which enforces limited rights of inheritance, family and succession for Muslims. The history of Kadhi courts extends prior to the colonization of East Africa in the 19th century.

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