Source: Radio Dabanga
Students from El-Fasher university, in North Darfur, began a peaceful sit-in protest on Monday October 8, a source informed Radio Dabanga.

According to sources, students held a demonstration and started a sit-in on Monday to protest against attacks on female students in their dorms by security forces.

Three months ago, a female student, by the name of Muzdalifah, was raped in her dorm room by an element of the security forces, and a similar attack happened on Saturday.

One of the protesters told Radio Dabanga they have been demanding for months that the security element, accused of raping fellow student Muzdalifah inside the university dorms, be brought to trial.

In addition, students are protesting against the lack of safety inside the student dorms, the poor provision of electricity and water as well as the price increases of meals.

However, they said the university delayed following up on the procedures to bring the perpetrator to trail.


A student commission informed Radio Dabanga that five students submitted a memorandum with several demands on Monday, 8 October to El-Fasher university.

Among the demands, they requested to bring the accused rapist of student Muzdalifah to trial and that measures are taken to assure such things do not happen again, they outlined.

In addition, students demanded that university guards who failed to protect Muzdalifah are held accountable, according to reports.

Other demands included that dormitories, of both male and female students must be guarded and that news ones are built to accommodate all students, as pointed out by a source.

Lastly, it was demanded that meals are provided to everyone and that security service elements wearing uniforms are stopped from entering the campus.

El-Fasher university's student union gave directors 24 hours to respond to their demands, otherwise they will carry on their peaceful sit-in, they told Radio Dabanga.

The union's treasurer, Nour El-Deen Rahma said the university did not take measures concerning the rape case, acknowledging the crime is still under investigation. 

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