Source: Radio Dabanga
Armed herders killed two women and raped another two in separate events that took place in West Darfur, a number of sources told Radio Dabanga.

On Monday night, Halima Abdullah and her daughter Zahra Yahiya Adam Abdullah were stabbed and killed by an armed herder in the area of Tendelti, in El-Geneina locality.

The brother of the victim told Radio Dabanga the offender entered their home at night and tried raping his sister, who screamed for help. Her mother came to rescue the daughter, but she ended up being stabbed to death by the offender too, the relative recounted.

He revealed the perpetrator was arrested. The victims' family is now demanding him to pay blood money and that authorities execute him.

Two raped:

Also in West Darfur, five herders armed by the government raped two displaced women at the Misa area. Misa is located about four kilometers south of camp Mornei for displaced, a sheikh told Radio Dabanga.

He said the men abducted the women at gunpoint from Misa, as they were collecting firewood at about 10:00am on Monday.

According to the sheikh, the gunmen took turns when raping the victims, who were not released until late that night. Both women were taken to a hospital in Mornei where they are still being treated.

The sheikh said this is the second rape case in about three weeks, adding that all of these assaults in the area are carried out by the same group of herders. The police has been informed about it, he pointed out.

Citizens have decided to no longer go to UNAMID when crimes occur, as the mission always tells them to first go to the police, the sheikh stressed. He complained about the lack of cooperation of UNAMID.

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