Source: EWN
A Tygerbear Foundation social worker today said an increasing number of women are facing dilemmas on whether to abort their babies after they have been raped.

The foundation detailed the increasing need for counselling as more women and children are coming forward for help after violent sexual abuse.

Tygerbear's social worker supervisor Helene Louw said she suspected many cases were not reported to the police or doctors as there was still a societal stigma to rape.

Louw added mothers, who conceived following a violent act like rape, responded in different ways.

“Some mothers accept the baby but we are also worried about these mothers because we don’t know how they will survive later on.”

According to statistics, a woman is raped every four minutes in South Africa.

On Human Rights Day, the ANC Women’s League is expected to march against rape and to call on all South Africans to unite and fight rape.



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