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Nations 'End Violence Against Women' document because it contains articles "violating Islamic Sharia and general morality."

In a statement on Wednesday, the group said the document "promotes divisions within the family and opens the door to prohibited relationships."

The document establishes a blurred relationship between men and women with no basis of legitimacy, the group added.

"While Islam promotes early marriage to prevent young people from succumbing to vices, this document forbids early marriage and replaces it with alternatives, including Zina [unlawful sexual intercourse] and early homosexuality," the group claimed.

The group went on to say the document had not taken into consideration the conventions and traditions of nations at variance with "the western pattern," and it is therefore in breach of Egypt's constitution.

It also called upon Al-Azhar, Egypt's influential seat of Sunni Islam, to condemn the document and reject bids to promote values and behaviours against Islamic principles.

Islamic Sharia was the first code to value and honour women and protects them from injustice while preserving their dignity, the group asserted.

The UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York ratified a new declaration entitled 'End Violence Against Women' on 20 March.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called the proposed UN document "un-Islamic" and warned it would lead to the "complete degradation of society."

The articles the Brotherhood deems most objectionable are those granting women the "freedom of choice" to decide the gender of their partners, the provision of teenagers with contraception, the provision of equal rights for homosexuals and the legal protection of prostitutes.

The Brotherhood objected to a number of clauses, including one that enables wives to file legal reports for marital rape, and others promoting the rights of homosexuals and equal rights of inheritance for men and women.

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