Source: The News
The Executive Director of the Dr. Roz's Healing Place says over 90% of Liberian women are victims of rape and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV). Dr. Roz's Healing Place is an international non-religious organization based in Canada.

Dr. Roz Roach said most of the women in Liberia are either direct victims or are psychologically victimized by the act of rape or other forms of gender based violence.

Speaking in an interview with The NEWS Tuesday, she said any woman who hears about or witnesses the acts being committed against another person is also affected emotionally.

"Every woman in Liberia is raped through various means including hearing about it from another person, or by seeing victims of rape or a direct victim," Dr. Roz said.

Dr. Roz who is currently visiting Liberia told this paper that most of the women still feel hopeless and insecure as a result of SGBV.

She said majority of these women still find it difficult and sometimes they are skeptical to share their personal experiences with others due to stigma and other negative factors associated with the crime.

Dr. Roz named some of the factors that continue to bring fear amongst women and young girls as forced marriage, sex for grade, sex f or job, and abused against them by some family members.

Dr. Roz and team are currently in Liberia engaging and conducting needs analysis with various levels of government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local community members to familiarize and better understand situations in the country in anticipation of developing a long term professional relationship and providing support and services to women and children in Liberia.

She indicated that her interactions with various groups show that powerful and influential individuals in society are horribly raping children for ritualistic purposes.

She said even though Liberia has a law against the crime, it has also been alleged that some wealthy men usually buy their ways through the justice system when they or their family members are accused.

Dr. Roz pointed out that her organization hoped to collaborate with the government in the creation of programs that will help to bring some sense of hope and relief for the women and children who still feel hopeless and insecure.

She also disclosed that her organization has already established a chapter called 'the Dr. Roz Healing Place-Liberia' which will continue to work with government and other stakeholders to address the situation in Liberia.

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