Source: UN Radio
Cameroon is making efforts to improve human rights, including by combating violence against women, according to its Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo.

Speaking in Geneva as the UN Human Rights Council discussed the country's Universal Periodic Review, Mr. Mbonjo said Cameroon has implemented most of the recommendations it accepted during its 2009 Review, and highlighted steps taken to combat violence against women.

"The government intensified capacity building actions for the prevention and management of gender-based violence, set a platform and opened a hotline for denouncing various forms of violence against women as well as adopted a national strategy against such forms of violence. A programme to combat various forms of violence against women is equally being implemented since 2011." (27")

Foreign Minister Mbonjo said all these initiatives have led to the denunciation of several persons practicing female genital mutilation and a better enjoyment by women of their rights.


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Cameroonian woman in the town of Mbalmayo, Cameroon

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