Source: UN Radio
The Security Council has been urged to ensure that perpetrators of sexual violence are not given amnesty in any ceasefire agreement for Libya or Côte d'Ivoire.

The appeal has come from Margot Wallström, the Secretary-General's Special Representative on Sexual Violence.

Ms Wallström reminded the Security Council about a resolution it adopted in 2008 dealing with women in conflict situations.

"You will recall that resolution 1820 demands the 'immediate and complete cessation by all parties to armed conflict of all acts of sexual violence against civilians' and stresses the exclusion of such crimes from amnesty provisions. Accordingly, I urge the Council to use its influence to ensure that any ceasefire agreement reached in relation to Libya or Côte d'Ivoire will also entail the cessation of sexual violence as a tactic of war."

stop sexual violence
stop sexual violence

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