Source: eNCA
Gender activists urge women to familiarise themselves with the firearms Control Act and the Domestic Violence Act so to protect themselves against domestic violence.

The call came shortly after a gunman killed his two children and critically wounded his ex-wife in Alberton this week.

The man then turned the gun on himself.

Activists said such brutality highlights the need for South African women to empower themselves against domestic violence.

"You are not considered to be competent to own a fire arm if you have a history of domestic violence, show any signs of depression, psychological difficulty or have any kind of drinking problem.

"So I think in a situation where a man has a gun and he is threatening to use it, even if he has a licence women should know that they can go to court and ask that the firearm be removed," said gender researcher Lisa Vetten.

Three women are killed by their partners in South Africa every day.

The second most common cause of these deaths occurs when women decide to end their relationships.

"We know that domestic violence also features in those killings and so we often tell women to leave. Unfortunately research also tell us that leaving is one of the most common triggers for being killed," said Vetten.

Kate, a domestic violence survivor, said women who fear being assaulted for leaving a relationship should get help at victim empowerment shelters.

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