Source: New Vision
Toro Kingdom Queen mother Best Kemigisa is set to host the first ever African Queens and First   Ladies conference in Uganda in September.

According to information from Kemigisa’s office, the conference is aimed at raising awareness in combating HIV/AIDS among women and children.

Best Kemigisa who has been instrumental in fighting violence against the girl child is optimistic the conference will help the African continent generate ideas on how best HIV can be prevented for a better Africa.

The conference which will be hosted in Kampala at a yet to be confirmed venue, will run for two days starting September 4 to 6.

The Queen mother was recently appointed Board Member of the Global Power Women Network Africa representing all Cultural and Traditional leaders of Africa.

Last month, Kemigisa was in Abuja Nigeria for the global power women Network Africa conference which was attended by First Ladies among other influential African women.

The conference discussed ways on combating Violence against women and children among other issues that affect the African women.

The conference also tackled issues on how Africa can deal with zero new HIV infections, and Zero maternal and child mortality. 

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