Source: Sahara Press Service
Participants in a forum on violence against women, organized Monday in Tipasa, agreed to denounce all forms of violence against Saharawi women by the Moroccan occupier.

During this forum hosted by Radio Tipasa on the theme of "Stop violence against women", the participants stressed the need to "continue struggle to free Saharawi women from Moroccan repression, including the daily physical and moral violations, which are condemned by all laws and charters around the world."

"As a free Algerian woman, I think it is unacceptable that the Moroccan forces are trying to remove women' headscarves and denude them in their interventions during demonstrations and other peaceful protest actions," said Amal Medah, President of Algiers office of the National Union of Algerian Women (UNFA).

Medah underlined "the fact that Saharawi women are stripped of their clothes does not hamper their determination to continue struggling," adding that these outrages from the Moroccan soldiers prove that the Moroccan regime "is floundering."

The president of Rural Women Association of Tipasa, Souhila Serhane, expressed "her support to all women who aspire to freedom in the occupied territories of Western Sahara," highlighting that images and videos on the Net, showing soldiers undressing women, are "a further evidence of the inhuman face of Moroccan occupation forces."

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