Source: Radio Dabanga
A woman was gang-raped, and two boys stripped of their clothes by militiamen in two separate incidents in Nierteti locality, Central Darfur this week. Large concentrations of government troops in Nierteti locality have been causing terror and fear among the citizens for the last week.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that on Sunday three women and their five children were returning to the Northern Nierteti camp for the displaced when they were stopped by militiamen.

The women and their children tried to flee, but the men seized one of the women, aged 37, and Hashim Mohamed Abdallah (13), a basic school student. After the three militiamen alternately raped the woman, they stripped the boy of all his clothes, left him naked, and fled with the clothes.

The witnesses said the incident was reported to the police. The woman was transferred to the hospital of Nierteti where she ie receiving treatment.

Schoolboy stabbed

On Tuesday three gunmen attacked shoolboy Abakar Osman, of the Northern Nierteti camp for the displaced, when he refused to hand them his clothes. Witnesses from Nierteti town told Radio Dabanga that the incident occurred when Osman was doing his homework in the evening near the Bala school, on the outskirts of Nierteti.

They said that the three militiamen told the boy to take off his clothes and hand them over. When he refused, one of the men stabbed Osman, seriously injuring him. He had to be taken to the hospital of Nierteti for treatment.


Large concentrations of "government forces and its militias" in the areas of Ardebe and Ladan in Nierteti locality raised terror and fear among citizens, a source from Ardebe told Radio Dabanga. Government forces, along with large numbers of militiamen in vehicles gathered in the area of Ardebe, west of Nierteti town a week ago. A listener noted that the rally of the troops coincided with the curfew that has been imposed in Nierteti locality since last Thursday.

In Zalingei, Dr Yusif Tibin, the Governor of Central Darfur state, explained at the Media Centre of the Security Forces of the state that the curfew was imposed in Nierteti locality as part of "further precautionary measures to prevent the infiltration of rebels and other shabby types into some parts of the Jebel Marra region".

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