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While I am not insinuatin
g that mental health practitioners are liars, I would like to protest the declaration of most law breakers as mentally unstable. 

Trouble is, every time something out of our imagination’s range happens; we rush to say the mother who killed her triplets must be insane; the youth who murdered his lover must have a mental problem and the man who habitually sleeps with little girls has insanity issues. A married guy rapes his young, single neighbour and we are told he has an emotional imbalance. Emotional imbalance my foot. 

Let me tell you: Rape is base and defilement is simply beastly. We might want to excuse them, gloss over the mental state of those who do it, but someone will have to convince me that there is selective insanity, which causes one not to distinguish between one’s wife and a little, innocent child. 

I knew a man once. Educated. Medical professional. This man had one of the prettiest women in the locality, and it wasn’t a locality of mostly bad-looking women, which would have made her the one-eyed among the blind. 

No, this was a school community, with those pubescent girls at the peak of adolescent bloom; young female teachers fresh out of college; all manner of women from tribes that hardly ever produce bad-looking women. And oh, there was also a Police post close by. You will know about this presently. 

Yet what does this fellow do? He always left his chubby, pretty wife at home and went to the Police post in the neighbourhood, where he had carnal knowledge of terribly underage girls. House maids. Cops’ little daughters in primary school. The lot. And all along, his chubby, angelic woman was there at home, waiting for him. 

While for a man sleeping with someone is an event, for the female, it’s an experience that has long-term – usually lifelong implications. Whether she conceives or not, it will mean more than the feeling of the moment. For the adult female, it could mean she devotes her wakeful moments to doting on this man (if they’re in love), remodelling her life, with all its plans, around him… If they are not in love, she will still have issues to sort out, issues surrounding the decision she made to sleep with someone she does not love, despite women being emotional beings. 

Now consider when this female is neither an adult, nor in love. She does not even know what erotic love is. She is not ready – emotionally, physically or in any other way – for what you are doing. She could be maimed for life externally, or she could heal. Yet in her heart, she may never recover. She may never trust. She may live in mortal dread of what could have been a cherished aspect of her adult life. 

Then rape. I have already insinuated that for a woman, the decision to go to bed with a man has some more than latent connection with her heart. Whether she loves you, or she is responding to a fear, or feelings of rejection elsewhere, or vengeance, she does not simply say oh well, here’s a guy, let me do it. 

So can’t you see it is a most gruesome act, when you force yourself on her? Can’t you see that over and above the physical abuse, you rend her heart; her very pride, for life? Don’t you see that you will be causing her to despise, or question or condemn herself, yet she has absolutely no offence she’s committed?

No, rape is base, and defilement simply beastly. Neither is manly..

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