Source: The Cairo Post
The annual "Violence against Women" conference organized by the Cairo University's Faculty of Medicine will be held Nov. 01, Al-Shorouq reported Friday.

The 6th round of the conference will tackle psychological, social and physical forms of violence against Egyptian women in addition to gender discrimination issues and the root causes and impact of violence against Egyptian women, Cairo University President Gaber Gad Nassar told Al Shorouq Thursday.

Representatives from several concerned international and regional bodies including the International Criminal Court, the International Red Cross Committee and the Egyptian ministries of health and interior are to be present during the conference, according to the Cairo University Webpage.

According to a United Nations report issued last year an overwhelming majority of Egyptian women (99.3%) have experienced some sort of sexual harassment, and 96.5% of women had been sexually assaulted in some way.

"Violence against women is a serious societal issue that has a negative impact on the individuals and the society which hampers development movement. The aim of the conference is to develop a clear strategy to overcome this phenomenon," head of the conference Dr. Dina Shoukry was quoted by Al Shorouq.

The conference will also feature workshops to discuss ways to prevent the phenomenon, she added.

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