Source: Sudan Tribune
A US-based South Sudanese women organisation has released the first of a series of peace commercials urging its negotiating team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to reject violence and embrace peace.

South Sudan Women United (SSWU) called on those mediating the talks to involve more women and young people in their discussion as they were most affected by violence, which began almost two months ago.

The group also called on the South Sudanese Diaspora and Church leaders to have greater involvement.

The video and recommendations were the result of a workshop facilitated by the Institute for Sustainable Peace to give women from various tribes a platform to discuss their roles in building peace and reconciliation.

An estimated 10,000 people have died since the violence erupted in Juba on December 15 before spreading to other parts of South Sudan. The United Nations says that 861,400 people have been displaced either within South Sudan or into neighbouring countries.

The SSWU, which has connections to South Sudanese women in South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and other countries, said in a press statement that these figures were both "staggering and heartbreaking".


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