Source: BBC News
A group of South Sudanese artists has warned against the revenge culture following the recent conflict which led to hundreds being killed.

The group All Stars has just released a peace song entitled Dafa Dafa which means revenge in the local Arabic.
"Revenge will finish us," MC Lumoex, who came up with the idea for the song, told the BBC.

In June, troops loyal to South Sudan President Salva Kiir clashed with those of his deputy, Riek Machar.
The two had fought a civil war which killed tens of thousands until Mr Machar returned to the capital, Juba, in April under a peace deal.

The latest violence began when five Kiir loyalists were killed at a checkpoint, before escalating into confrontations that left hundreds dead.

"I'm calling upon all of us to leave revenge behind, and forgive each other," MC Lumoex said. "Forgiveness is what we need for this nation to go forward."
Another artist, Linus the Genius, backed his call: "The only way we can send our message to people is through music.

"We can't hold a gun and fight - but this is how we can bring peace in South Sudan - through music."

The song combines a myriad of styles, and a mix of local languages: Juba Arabic, Bari and Zande are represented, as well as Dinka and Nuer, the languages of Mr Kiir and Mr Machar, respectively.

The musicians come from different bands based in Juba.
"I wish my talent could be a weapon," goes one of the lines sung by Mandari, from the Hardlife Avenue Stars.
"I would use it to protect my people."

One of the most haunting lyrics is sung by Nicky Prince, who worries about the future of the country.
"We don't know how our country's going to develop because the people who are meant to develop it are just dying," it goes.

Dafa Dafa is already getting radio airplay in Juba. The band says it will not make money from the song, but hopes to reach the ears of the men in charge.

"We don't even know why they're fighting… We just wish that they listen to our song and hear the message," says Mandari.

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