Source: The Citizen
The South Sudan Women Empowerment Network in partnership with the UN women and NPA yesterday organized a workshop set to end today.

The workshop which is focused on empowering women and particularly on their rights based on international treaties and conventions.

The workshop under the theme "awareness on key international and regional instruments on women human rights," was opened by the chairperson of the human rights commission, Lawrence Kurbandy.

He told the women that the South Sudanese constitution is one of the best in terms of women empowerment.

Korbady called on women to come up with legislations of affirmative action in relation to their rights specifically pointing at women members of parliament. He added that the family law should be enacted by parliament to protect the women.

Furthermore, he said that they initiated the girl child bill which will go to the cabinet and then to the parliament. He said this bill if passed into law will protect girl child.

He however said that most of the south Sudanese population is very conservative and called for continues awareness of the public and legislations.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, prof. Elia Nyamlell Wakoson who was the chief speaker said that South Sudan has not signed most of the international treaties accusing Khartoum of being a blockade during the days of the united Sudan.

He said women have been put into consideration in South Sudan citing the 25% given to the women as an achievement to women. He further said that there existed 5 women Ministers in South Sudan before the resignation of Awut Deng and 10 deputies.

According to him, there are some cultural practices which he said are discrimination to women. When asked whether South Sudan inherited any treaty from Khartoum, he said there has been no treaty inherited and that these are some of the post independence issues being discussed in Addis Ababa.

He believes that South Sudan will join the conventions and treaties especially those that protect women from all sorts of discrimination against women.

Meanwhile the UN Women program specialist for South Sudan, Coumba Marenah said that the United Nations is committed to supporting South Sudan especially when it comes to women's rights.


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