Source: Foroyaa
A young female writer Awa Bojang said she would publish her 3 latest books which she is working on, before the turn of the New Year.

Already the female writer has published a book titled "Arrows of Wisdom."

Despite her love for the art of writing, she remains sceptical about what she called the poor culture of reading in this country.

"People don't read,"Bojang stressed while citing that less than 200 out of 1000 copies of her already published book were bought having been in the bookshops for more than one year.

She described the poor culture of reading in this country as sad, saying how any writer can keep on writing when no one reads books.

"The poor culture of reading affects us a lot because we are putting our time, energy and efforts to come up with something and at the end it is not read, "she pointed out.

Bojang also decried the high cost involved in printing, saying it is making life difficult for Gambian writers.

Nonetheless, she advised young girls aspiring to take writing as a career to be determined.

Determination, according to her, can catapult them to the summit of the highest mountain.

Meanwhile, Bojang, who writes poems, dedicated her latest poem titled "The Jewel" to the out-going U.S. Ambassador Pamela Ann White.

She said the U.S. diplomat exemplifies the spirit of a hard working woman.

She praised White as a shining example who devoted her life to the cause of humanity.

She pointed to the diplomat's care and love which she had shown to sick children at a health centre.

Bojang hopes that the former U.S. Ambassador to The Gambia will launch the poem upon her return from the State Department, before taking her new post in Haiti.

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