Training was given to women in Anseba region aimed at raising their awareness as regards communicable diseases.

The trainees numbering 80 were mothers and High School students from the sub-zones of Elabered, Adi-Tekelezan, Hagaz, Habero, Hamelmalo and Keren.

Ms. Asha Alinor, head of the NUEW branch in the sub-zone, pointed out that ensuring the health of mothers is a sound approach to safeguard families' health, and called on the participants to play active role in the prevention of communicable diseases through environmental sanitation.

The training involved family and community health, effects of communicable diseases and malaria prevention mechanisms with more emphasis on practice of environmental hygiene.

The resource people called on health institutions and stakeholders to exert efforts for effective implementation and sustainability of the community sensitization initiative.

The trainees on their part called on the community to effectively use the available health facilities besides the introduction of health seminars in schools.

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