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At least ten pregnant women have died as a result of bad road condition from Felinken to Palatroken in Sinoe County.

Residents of Tartweh District told this paper recently that due to the terrible condition of the roads, pregnant women could hardly survive upon arrival at health centers. They disclosed that the pregnant women died while on their way to the hospital.

The spokesperson of the residents, Mr. Timothy W. Swen, Youth Leader of Tartweh District said more than ten women who were in labor died last year as a result of the terrible condition of the road.

According to him, pregnant women from Felinken and Palatroken who fall in labor pains have to walk in the bush for more than eight hours to seek medication because the road condition between Felinken and Palatroken is bad.

He narrated that the people of the area have to use the bush to get to Tubmanville City or to Kpanyan District for medication.

Swen expressed fear that if nothing is done to have the roads constructed in those areas, the number of sick people as well as death toll of pregnant women would increase.

Also speaking to this paper, an Elder of Worjloh Town, John Boaklah said there is no existing roads the people of Felinken and Palatroken can use except the bushes to get to the Plason River before crossing over to Tubmanville City to seek medication.

He said the bush road is just a footpath and wheelbarrow cannot even be used there. He said there is no clinics and school in Felinken and Palatroken.

Elder John Boaklah said that Felinken and Palatroken have a population of more than 8,000 people and it is one of the most populated places in remote Sinoe County.

Elder Boaklah also called on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to lift the ban placed on PUP logging activities, adding that a company operating in the area (Atlantic Resources) was about to construct their road but due to the ban the company has stopped its operation.

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