Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions
The Congress of South African Trade Unions salutes all working class women on this, their important day, International Women's Day. This day emerged out of the struggles of working class women in the United States, who organized themselves to strike for better working conditions, better pay, voting rights and against women's oppression and inequality, signaling that the struggle for economic rights and for political rights is inseparable.

The day also gained prominence when socialist women workers identified it as a day of action to rally against the First World War. On the same day in 1917, a strike of working women of Russia in protest at the killing of 2 million soldiers in the war, marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution which ultimately brought about the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and more socialist countries further down the line.

In South Africa, on this 8th of March 2013, women workers will be playing their part in to workers' struggles and taking their rightful place in the fight against gender-based violence. We will be vocal in campaigning for a country that is free from the rape and murder of innocent women and children. We have to curb the scourge of such high levels of violence against women and children, which has relegated women to the status of mosquitoes whose lives can be squashed at any point when they are perceived as irritating or inconvenient or disposable.

Enough is enough!

On this 8th of March we urge working class women to display the same kind of courage that has been displayed by working class women all over the world and all those women here on our own soil in 1956. Let us hear the voice of women on all the issues that are ailing working class households.

Let us hold informed debates about issues affecting us in the family and community. Does the South African state deal adequately with the scourge of violence against women? What are its root causes? How can it be prevented? How can we bring the perpetrators of violence to justice, eliminate impunity and give them the punishment they deserve?

Working class women raise your voices!

Working class: unite to end violence against women!

Let's put policies into action!

Enough is Enough!

COSATU Provincial events on 8 March 2013, with contact details:

North West

Picket in Moses Kotane Court at 10h00 - (Solly 082 304 4055) Dialogue on Gender Based Violence - Mafikeng (Bosa 082 691 9121) KZN

Night Vigil at Umlazi-D Section at 18h00 (Nokhwezi 031 304-1690) Limpopo

Picket at Court Modimolle Regional Court at 09h00 - (Toeki 015 291-2981) Eastern Cape

Gathering at North End Stadium, East London, from 09h00 then proceeding to the City Hall at 11h00. Memorandum will be delivered to MECs of Justice (Regional Director) and Safety and Liaison (MEC Helen Sauls-August).

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