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A KADOMA man endured a hellish two days at the hands of four women who reportedly kidnapped him at gunpoint and locked him up in a room where they would take turns to be intimate with him before giving him trinkets and later dumping him on the side of the road, police have said. Before going on gruelling sessions of sexually satisfying the women, they would give him a meal of sadza and chicken which police now suspect to have been laced with an aphrodisiac.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara said they were carrying out investigations into the matter that has become one of many in which women are raping men.

On the fateful day, Saturday May 11 at around 8.30pm, the 23- year-old man was on his way home to Manyuchi Farm from another nearby farm along Patchway Road in Kadoma when he saw a blue Toyota Hilux double cab parked by the side of the road.

As he passed he was allegedly called to the car where he found four light skinned, medium built women wearing black suits and weaves and they pretended to ask for directions before pushing him into the vehicle.

"We are yet again dealing with a matter in which a man was kidnapped by four women who went on to forcibly become intimate with him for two days. We are still carrying out investigations into the matter," he said.

Insp Mabgweazara said while inside vehicle, all the women produced pistols and threatened to shoot him if he tried to resist.

They drove towards Kadoma to an unknown house and he was put into a room with six beds before being given a plate of sadza and chicken.

Soon after the meal one woman came into the room and forced him to be intimate with her and thereafter the others took turns to come in.

He was detained at the house for two days where every night they would take turns to become intimate with him after giving him sadza and chicken.

On May 14 at around 3pm, the weak man was blindfolded with one of the women's palms and taken out of the room to the vehicle where they drove towards Kadoma along the Harare-Bulawayo Road and upon reaching Ngezi Township he was given $30, two pairs of old blue denim trousers, a new Samsung cellphone and a Buddie line.

He was left there and they drove off.

He reported the case to the police where he was complaining of stomach pains and general body weakness.

Police are still carrying out investigations.

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