Source: Algeria Press Service
The speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah underlined Monday in Geneva at the 131st Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, which is being held from 12 to 16 October, Algeria's achievements regarding the promotion of women and fight against violence against women.

Bensalah, who spoke in a special debate under the theme "Achieving gender equality, ending violence against women," highlighted the strategies adopted by Algeria in this field.

"The national strategy for the integration and promotion of women includes a multi-sectoral action plan, implemented by a national commission led by all the players concerned by the issues related to women, including the political rights," he said.

"The work of this commission is expected to last until the end of this year, but already several recommendations have become organic laws and voted by the Parliament," he added.

In this regard, he cited the increase in the chances of women's representation in the elected assemblies.

He underlined that during the 2012 Algerian legislative elections, the number of women deputies increased from 7.7 to 31.60%, ranking Algeria 26th at the global level and 1st in the Arab world.

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