Source: Angop

Luanda — Angola's ruling MPLA party's vice president Luísa Damião defended permanent and constructive dialogue on the implementation of the local government and urged women to actively participate in the process.

Luisa Damião stressed the need for women's participation in the process at the opening ceremony of the III ordinary meeting of the National Committee of the party's women wing (OMA), held in Municipality of Talatona, Luanda, as part of the government programme for 2022-2027 period.

Luísa Damião insisted on the need for women to "actively participate" and not give up their contribution.

The leader said that in the current phase of the process, there are political challenges that require high intelligence from OMA members.

As for the results of the general elections, in which the MPLA elected 26 MPs less than in the previous election, Luísa Damião said it was important to evaluate the quality and the intensity of OMA's participation in the party's win.

Chaired by the general secretary of the OMA, Joana Tomás, the regular meeting focuses on the analysis of internal issues and on taking stock of activities carried out by the organisation.

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