The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has been asked to take action against Tigania East Member of Parliament Mpuru Aburi and Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma over alleged vulgar utterances they made against Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

In a letter dated November 10, the Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CSV) slammed the two leaders over their remarks on the Meru governor, further calling on the Anti-graft Commission to investigate the duo.

“Their actions deserve swift and decisive action. We demand that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission take on this matter as these leaders have clearly fallen short of the conduct for a public officer,’ read part of the statement.

“Furthermore, we demand that they be held accountable for their actions through appropriate recourse.”

The lobby group also demanded the duo to publicly withdraw their sentiments and issue an apology to the governor.

According to CSV, the disparaging comments about the governor's marital status and womanhood had no relation or bearing on the office to which she was elected.

"These disgraceful remarks callously uttered to a cheering crowd, represent an appalling attack on the Governor's person. The statements are a gross affront to not only the Governor but also to the dignity of women everywhere," the statement further read.

CSV lauded the Senate plenary following the majority decision to retain Kawira Mwangaza as the Meru governor despite initial calls by the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to impeach her.

"It is important that accusations leveled at leaders are substantiated and meet the threshold required objectively," a statement by the CSV read.

On Wednesday, the Senate plenary dismissed an impeachment motion lodged against Mwangaza at the Senate by the Meru MCAs.

A majority of the legislators voted against all 7 allegations leveled against them, a move that saved the governor from impeachment.

"The result of the division indicates that the Senate has not upheld any of the impeachment charges. The Senate has failed to remove from office by impeachment Governor Kawira Mwangaza and the Governor accordingly continues to hold office," Senate Speaker Amason Kingi declared.

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