SOURCE: The New Times

Sixteen candidates vying for two seats reserved for female lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies to represent women in City of Kigali have pledged to advocate for women's rights and family promotion.

While campaigning in Kicukiro District, Gikondo Sector, each one of them was given 10 minutes to campaign in front of the electoral college.

Lilian Ndabazi Uwera, a candidate, said that if she is elected in the July parliamentary polls, she will work with other Members of the Parliament to oversee the ongoing government activities and advocate for solutions to issues that pose threats to citizens and the country in general.

“I will collaborate with other Members of Parliament to establish laws that promote a secure family environment and explore ways to advance its development," Uwera said.

"Additionally, I will work with my colleagues to reform and enhance laws that enable us to train young people in order to increase the workforce, as this is essential for the country's progress."

For Marie Chantal Murorunkwere, another candidate, child development and women issues will be her priority if she is elected. She noted the importance of encouraging women to embrace technology, as it facilitates job creation, reduces unemployment, and provides opportunities for others.

Murorunkwere mentioned that she will collaborate with other MPs to promote gender equality, particularly within families. She noted that sometimes women misunderstand the concept of equality and neglect their responsibilities.

"We will advocate for increased awareness to help women understand how to build strong, healthy families," she said.

Murorunkwere said, "I will collaborate with others to combat child stunting and malnutrition, which often result from parents' lack of knowledge. We will educate women on proper nutrition and its vital role in children's healthy development."

Candidate Ernestine Mukamurara said she plans to undertake a project advocating for women living with their husbands, without civil marriage, to ensure they have rights to family property.

"They should have rights to their property. Often, men leave their wives and children with nothing after separation, taking everything with them. Women, who have also contributed to the family assets, are left with nothing. I will work to ensure that women have a voice and rights in these families," she said.

Voting for women MPs wil be held on July 16.

A total of 199 female candidates from across the country are vying for 24 seats (or 30 per cent of 80 seats) reserved for female lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies.

The 2023 Presidential Order on elections provides that four seats are allotted to Northern Province, six seats to Southern Province, six to Eastern Province; and six to Western Province, while the City of Kigali gets two seats.

Immaculee Mukarwego Muhoza, representative of National Women’s Council in Kicukiro, stated that the campaigns are progressing well.

“We are evaluating whether the laws they propose will benefit all individuals, particularly women and girls,” Muhoza said.

She emphasized the need to enact laws that address the problems faced by citizens, laws that foster a secure, prosperous society where everyone has a role, and ensure their effective implementation.

“We have a serious problem with child stunting. A child's future ability depends greatly on their developmental years, starting from the time they are conceived and through childhood, Muhoza said.

"The female MPs will need to ensure that children from poor backgrounds are not overlooked as well. Advocating for solutions to this issue is crucial."

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