Source: RHRC
The curriculum in this Training Manual enables the trainer to conduct a two to three day training and planning workshop. The curriculum begins with training and discussion about the basic concepts and principles that will lead participants to a clear understanding of the meaning of the term "gender-based violence. " The curriculum continues with detailed information about consequences of GBV and survivor support services needed. The curriculum also covers causes and contributing factors, which leads participants to an understanding of prevention and the ability to develop effective prevention strategies.

The two to three days training in this curriculum can be augmented by training available from other sources. And, the GBV Technical Support Project is developing additional training modules that teach more in depth knowledge about working with survivors, the links between HIV/AIDS and GBV, using Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategies to address GBV, and other training topics to support training beyond the minimum levels included in this version of the Training Manual.

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