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The SEAGA Guide on rural households and resources (hereafter referred to as "the guide") is actually three interlinked documents made up of the following:

1. Part I: A resource guide providing background information on household resource management and an overview of issues to keep in mind when planning extension interventions.
2. Annexes containing a glossary, references and checklists.
3. Part II: A toolbox for use in communication with rural people/extension clients.

These sections are outlined in greater detail in the subsection on Structure. The guide was developed under the Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis Programme
(SEAGA) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The guide aims to highlight major issues affecting rural households, and to provide users with resources and tools for collecting, analysing and sharing information about the constraints, opportunities and priorities faced by communities, households and individual household members.

The guide promotes the use of gender-sensitive and participatory approaches as a means of achieving sustainable development that puts people at the centre of the
issues, analysis and solutions.

The guide has been developed to assist extension and community workers to apply a participatory and gender-sensitive approach to their planning and work with rural households and people.

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