Source: UNFPA
Empowering Young Women to Lead Change
is an easy to follow resource manual designed to enable young women to prepare and facilitate training on a host of issues that are important to them. A joint publication of the World YWCA and UNFPA, the manual was developed by young women and contains modules on young women's leadership, economic justice, HIV and AIDS, human rights, peace, self esteem and body image, sexual and reproductive health and violence against women.

The issues are complex and the publication has been developed for young women to lead themselves in learning more about the issues through fun and participatory activities and on to action. Trainings and workshops can be designed using the entire manual or pulling out modules of interest for shorter sessions. It was tested in six countries and was launched at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto. The manuals will be distributed to YWCAs in 122 countries as well as to UNFPA country offices and to organizations working with young women and youth.

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