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The Local Government Gender Action Plan Manual is a product of the Training of Trainer (TOT) workshop that took place in Johannesburg in February 2009. The workshop brought together representatives of gender and local government ministries, local government authorities, associations of local government and civil society from the three case study countries of the Gender Links (GL) study: At the Coalface, Gender and Local Government. The three countries are Botswana, Swaziland and Zambia.

The Zimbabwe manual is designed as a complement to the Local Government Gender Strategy developed in 2009 and provides the tools for understanding what gender mainstreaming is; why it is important; and how to go about developing a gender action plan. The Zimbabwe manual is also the first Centres of Excellence for Gender Mainstreaming at Local Government process manual; as it brings together all of the key materials that will ensure that gender is mainstreamed across tiers within councils.

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Module 2 - 534 KB
Module 3 - 581 KB
Module 4 - 504 KB
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Module 6 - 334 KB
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Zimbabwe local government training manual cover

Zimbabwe local government training manual cover

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