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Making IT Our Own: Information & Communication Technology Training of Trainers Manual is an innovative technology trainer's manual developed by Women's Learning Partnership for use in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training workshops and training-of-trainers Institutes. The goal of the trainings is to provide technology skills for gender justice and human rights advocacy.
Training sessions focus on gaining fluency in Web 2.0 applications such as social networks and blogs; office productivity software such as word processing and spreadsheets; internet tools such as RSS feeds and conference chat; and skills such as online privacy and security.

Making IT Our Own takes an assemble-your-own approach to ICT trainings by providing the necessary components—guidelines for participatory facilitation, step-by-step 'how tos' for each technology tool, learning resources on CD, and an assortment of pre-assembled agendas—so that trainers can customize and deliver effective technology trainings of their own suited to their communities. The manual uses scenarios to contextualize learning in everyday life and explore issues related to gender and technology.

Authors: Rakhee Goyal, Marion Marquardt, and Usha Venkatachallam.
Foreword by Mahnaz Afkhami.

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