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The purpose of this resource guide is to give an overview of gender sensitive interventions and initiatives directly or indirectly related to health that have been tried at macro and micro level. Through mapping different experiences, the guide provides information on lessons learned, results achieved, and the challenges that have emerged in promoting gender and health equity.

It includes information on gender-sensitive approaches, working methods, practical methodologies and tools which can be incorporated into policies and programmes. In pulling these resources together our aim is to create a practical reference mechanism for those involved in implementing programmes and policies worldwide. We felt that a guide to existing resources that could be periodically updated and reviewed would be more useful than commissioning more exhaustive but perhaps less accessible review papers.

The principal audience for this resource guide is the technical working group, the international advisory group and the country level partners involved in phase 2 of the Gender and Health Equity Network. The focus of phase 2 is on policy implementation through flexible planning and methodologies, accountability structures and participatory approaches. By making it available in both hard copy and electronic form (, we hope that it will also become a valuable resource for a broader group of policy makers, programme planners and implementers, local organisations and health service providers outside the project. As the Gender and Health Equity Network progresses we hope the guide will continue to evolve and include the experience of the country level partners as they develop their interventions.

The guide is made up of five different sections:
1. Gender mainstreaming and organisational change
2. Implementing rights and accountability through networks and advocacy
3. Tools to enhance and implement gender equity
4. Lifespan perspective in gender and health
5. Issues in gender and health equity.

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